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lead found by trillium at gun range leased on bc parks land at Cowichan river provincial park A TOXIC THREAT TO THE COWICHAN RIVER.

A Preliminary Site Investigation commissioned by BC PARKS was completed  by Trillium in March 2018. Read the Preliminary Site Investigation and Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation  report requested by BC Parks. Report Highlights: 

Report 1  : "The preliminary shallow soil sampling conducted by Trillium (2018) confirmed the presence of soil contaminated with metals, predominantly lead, at the 50-, 100-, and 200-yard outdoor target berms.

"A soil sample from the forested area located approximately 50m east of the 200-yard target area also contained bullet fragments and lead concentrations above the applicable standard.

"As such, the horizontal extent of soil contamination at the outdoor target ranges potentially includes the areas between the firing lines and target berms, in addition to the areas behind (east of) the target areas.

"The outdoor target ranges are considered potential sources of soil and groundwater contamination at the Site.

Report 2. Trillium reported  soil samples found to have levels of metal contamination, including lead, that exceed the safety standards set by the Contaminated Site Regulation (CSR).

The CSR matrix for these levels of lead prohibit land to used for the growing of plants, for  human or livestock consumption, and  forbids the land also to be used for  activities that promote contact with children (the Gun Club is 65 metres from a popular children's zip line).

Lead levels were so high in some soil samples that, according to the CSR matrix, these levels of lead threaten nearby groundwater and aquifer use of  drinking water and surface water runoff. High lead levels in water contaminate soil invertebrates and plants, and can impair microbial function.