3. BC Parks asks: Do you have concerns regarding impacts on those environmental/ecological values?

I have concerns with Parks having issued a long term occupancy permit for the operation of shooting ranges in the Park that is adjacent to the regional district park. The shooting ranges are contaminating the land with LEAD, and is an unacceptable use of the Park. The loud concussive noise of gun fire is an intrusive nuisance and conflicts with the idea of peace and quiet in the natural environment. To my knowledge, Parks has ignored the impacts of the shooting range to other park users and residents who live in the surrounding areas nearby. The gun ranges do not benefit the whole community as it only operates for the benefit of members and their guests.


4.   BC Parks asks:  Do you have suggestions for how environmental/ecological values can be protected?

Only allow activities that are compatible with protecting the natural environment. The historical use of a gun range in the park is not compatible with protecting the natural environment. The Gun ranges should be phased out and the land should be remediated to remove contaminated soils and the natural environment restored at the site.


5. What types of recreational activities do you feel are appropriate for the park? Consider, for example – additional camping, mountain biking, etc.

I believe the shooting ranges should be phased out and the site remediated of lead contamination.