A group of neighbours supporting protection and conservation of the Cowichan River, Cowichan River Provincial Park and Area E Parks


cowichan river neighbourhood association

We are a registered, non-profit society, created in 2016 with a goal of conservation and advocacy for protection of the Cowichan River, the Cowichan River Provincial Park and Area E Parks that border or are adjacent to the river.  We are fortunate and honoured to be able to live  with the river and the traditional territory of the Cowichan Tribes as our backyard and strive to help protect it.

We came together as a group of neighbours living on either side of Cowichan River, concerned about the protection and conservation of the environmental and river. The Association’s members reside in three rural neighborhoods: Glenora, Sahtlam (CVRD area E) and North Cowichan. The purpose of the Association is to provide opportunity for local residents to maintain and advocate for improvements in the quality of life in the neighborhoods along the river corridor, environmental protection and conservation of the natural environment.

The three neighborhoods are rural residential areas comprised mainly of small acreages north and south of the Cowichan River.  They are neighborhoods where people respect, and value the peace and quiet of country living and being close to nature. We take great pleasure in enjoying the outdoors, whether it be working in our gardens, hiking the many beautiful trails on foot or horseback, swimming, tubing or fishing in the river, or just sitting out on the back deck watching the local wildlife.


email us at: info@protectcowichanriver.com