gun noise at cowichan river provincial park disturbs park users and residents

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why cowichan fish & game gun club is getting louder


Gunshot noise is frequently alarming, disturbing and irritating to others in the surrounding area. Noise generated by a gunshot isn’t continuous, but it is often unpredictable to others nearby. The noise is perceived by the human ear as one single, loud impulse or “shot.” The noise is loud and intrusive, with a concussive/impulsive character that increases annoyance. 

 The effects of unpredictable gunfire on people living nearby can be classified into three categories: 

Interference with activities such as speech, sleep, and learning

Physiological effects such as anxiety, fear or hearing loss

Subjective effects of alarm, annoyance, nuisance, and dissatisfaction

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Park users and nearby resident of the Cowichan River not  do not like the fact that gun noise is ringing constantly in Cowichan River Provincial Park disturbing and alarming hikers, dog walkers and their right to quiet enjoyment. Read about the right to quiet enjoyment here.   Gun clubs across Canada are getting louder, and that's due to the changing technology of guns and a change in the nature of gun ranges, a direct result of legislation changes during the Harper era making it easier to own a restricted gun.  Read about Read about the Changing Nature of Gun Ranges here.