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Bald eagles' poisoning deaths raises alarm over lead shot used in hunting, fishing

gov't canada study on lead (2018)

Read : Study to gather information on uses of lead ammunition and non-lead alternatives in non-military activities in Canada. Lead Ammunition study, Executive Summary. Exerpt: "The majority of lead ammunition used in Canada is discharged on shooting ranges and is not recovered or reclaimed. Out of about 5,000 tonnes, less than 200 tonnes is recovered and recycled. In addition, lead dust can be released into the air particularly at closed indoor ranges, or transferred to hands and clothes and then to other people. The elevated levels of lead in the blood of recreational shooters and their families as well as workers at firing ranges are well documented.

best management practices for managing lead at outdoor gun ranges

in 2017, The Senior Hazardous Waste Contamination Officer wrote a letter to the Cowichan Fish and Game Club, a Gun Club who leases land from BC Parks' Cowichan River provincial Park, to recommend they follow BMP recommended by the EPA and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. The same year, the Cowichan Fish & Game gun club chose to cancel their membership to the Canadian Wildlife Federation and thus not to uphold it's environmental best management practices.

bald eagles poisoned by ammunition KMTV News nebraska, usa

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) 2018 Conservationists say the American Bald Eagles are being poisoned, and the number of cases are rising — and some worry the problem will not slow down. Many hunters say they use lead ammunition because it is heavier than steel or copper, meaning the bullet reaches the target more accurately. Lead ammo is also cheaper than steel or copper.

Betsy Finch is the manager of the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery, can easily tell when an eagle has lead poisoning. "Inability to stand, convulsions, head tremors, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal distress — because lead paralyzes the gut, so they can't digest food, dehydration," Finch said.

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